"I'm Beautiful?"

"I'm Beautiful?"


Media: Hand Painted Limited Edition Giclee Reproductions

Medium: Acrylic, watercolor, charcoal

Material: Canvas

size 18"by 24"

Edition Size: 300 S/N




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THE Story:
"I'm Beautiful?"
Nandi leans against the wall watching the other girls of the neighborhood play. She wishes she could look pretty like them with their frilly dresses and straight hair. Along comes Togah, the boy who lives two houses down the street. He walks over to her. Nandi turns her head away blushing , then turns back to stare at the girls again waiting for him to go away. Togah looks at her and looks at the girls playing.. He pauses... "You know you are a beautiful girl, right!" "Who me?, Nandi says with a surprised tone. "YES YOU!", Togah exclaimed.