The Work Never Ends

Sooo, these days I have just been taking my time on work. No rush to meet deadlines, or to get on with a new piece. I am really taking my time and enjoying the process of experimenting with techniques. This new piece I'm working on is my latest addition to the Black Nobility Collection.

My mind is telling me that there will be 50 pieces in total before this collection is complete, but that could change. I hope I don't change my mind though.

I was discussing the next art piece with a friend of mine and I am going to start another series that will feature my "girls" in full length, head to toes which is something I don't do normally, but these girls must be done cause the concept is hot!! I will of course post sketches of my ideas when I start them. This particular piece is called "The Great Game", and her personal name is Cersei after Cersei Lannister, one of the main characters in the show "Game of Thrones" . Yes I am a GOT fan!! lol.

This is her personal story:

Cersei stood in the courtyard. She was concerned about her decision to stop seeing her love, Vermone. She sat by the oil lamp weighing out her options. "I could grow old and happy with my love. We could have double- chinned babies and eat bread and butter each morning while we watch the hummingbirds sip nectar from the lilac pedals.

We could ride our horses into the woods and make love underneath the star lit skies. I could lick my homemade jam off his fingers and wipe sweat from his brow while he chops wood to make a fire. I could be happy being his love for the rest of my days... But... I know power now. I know the softness of silk against my cheek.

I know the smell of fresh sheets on a bed I didn't have to make. I know pigeon pie and delicate pastries that melt as soon as it hits my tongue. I know how pretty my chamber maids are committed to making me. I love that I receive what I want, sometimes with just a wave of my hand. The floors I walk on shine high enough to apply face paint as my image is clearly seen like a mirror in the floor.

The scent of Jasmine, crimson colored sigils and fresh fruit dance about my head. How can I go back to him after knowing how fine my world could actually be? I will regret either I suppose. Better I be remorseful with a full belly as I run hands over my velvet sleeve, than to have regret while telling my future children that they must share a slice of bread.......


Welp! that is her special story and we are near the completion. I will keep you posted of course. And if you are interested in having her or any of the other darling in the series, please do call me directly at (478) 501-7836